Former JLR engineer moves business into new Coventry office

Pictured: Penny Robb (University of Warwick Science Park) with Andy Bowen (The Bowen Brothers)


A sustainable product development consultancy, started by a former Jaguar Land Rover engineer, has moved into an office in Coventry as it charts a path to growth.

The Bowen Brothers was established by Andy Bowen in 2018 after 10 years working as a product developer for JLR. His company supports clients with everything from design right through to the manufacture of a new product and has already landed contracts in the construction, automotive, rail and aerospace sectors.

Until recently, Andy and his team had either been working from home or based within clients’ offices but the company has now taken space at the University of Warwick Science Park’s Business Innovation Centre in Binley as it looks to grow and take on new staff.

There are currently two full-time employees in the business, five contract staff and the company is taking on two new starters in marketing and admin roles later in the year through the Government’s Kickstart scheme.

Andy said the aim of the business was to make a big impact with clients but reduce the impact on the planet.

He said: “I enjoyed my time at Jaguar Land Rover but I wanted to set up on my own and do something that I felt could make a real difference.

“That means every project we work on has to have a positive impact on the environment. If a client approached us to help develop a product that would have a negative impact, we’d look to see if there was a way we could steer it in a different direction – even if it was just by bringing their supply chain closer together to reduce carbon footprint.

“That is very much the ethos of the business and it is part of a culture that makes this a great place to work. We employ people with a passion for design and the planet and then we create an environment where people can dress as they want and work the hours that fit in with their family. We micromanage customers projects, not the people delivering them.

“Being based here at the University of Warwick Science Park gives us a really professional image to clients and potential clients. As soon as we came in and met the team on reception, we knew that this was the right place.

“The whole environment gives off the right impression and there are lots of other benefits of being part of the Science Park that I want to explore.

“We can see lots of opportunities for the business – we’re looking to grow and win new clients and this is a great base from which to do that.”

He added: “The next generation of Bowen Brothers are already in training. My two sons, Ethan and Rory (ten and eight), show a lot of interest in how I’m building a business and they offer to help with branding and even sales! I think its important to show new generations there are many ways to make a living.”

Penny Robb, manager of the University of Warwick Science Park’s Business Innovation Centre in Binley, said: “We’re delighted to welcome Andy and The Bowen Brothers team to the Innovation Centre and look to engage further with the company’s business development, including opportunities to work with other tenants and businesses in the area.

“We offer all of our tenants an environment that is professional and friendly coupled with a range of business support services to help them achieve their ambitions for growth – and The Bowen Brothers can benefit from all of that support.”