Access to Finance

UWSP offers a range of services to businesses in need of external finance and investors seeking new opportunities. The Access to Finance team not only have experience of running a range of equity and grant funds but also manage the Minerva business angel network, which provided turn-key money for ten deals valued at £5.7m in 2010/11.

However, UWSP offers a range of services for companies seeking further information about the process and costs of raising money and post-investment support, including non-executive services.

For companies seeking finance:

  • Investment readiness and business plan development consultancy
  • Business recovery services
  • Introduction service to banks and venture capital investors
  • Access to UWSP’s own technology focussed business angel network, Minerva

For funders:

  • Access to pre-vetted businesses with high-growth potential
  • Access to the BBAA registered business angel network, Minerva
  • Access to Minerva’s close network of associate professional service providers

For more information on Minerva and how to apply, please contact us at:

☎ Phone: 024 7632 3122

✉ Email:

🔗 Website: