Access to Finance

UWSP provides a range of support services for businesses looking to access funding for their business.

We can cover the whole spectrum of accessing finance including debt funding, grant funding and equity funding. Investment Readiness is an important building block to increase the chances of a business to raise suitable funding for their venture.

We have a good track record of helping companies raise funds in the region of £1m annually by supporting them with:

  • Grant applications for innovative developments
  • Grants to enable business growth and facilitate scale up
  • Loan applications for start ups and established businesses
  • Equity funding applications through Business Angels or crowdfunding platforms
  • Developing financial plans
  • Pitching for investment

The Access to Finance (A2F) team not only have experience of running a range of equity and grant funds but also works alongside the Minerva Business Angel network, which has invested over £11m into over 80 companies from 2010 to 2018.

For more information on A2F and how to apply, please contact us at:

☎ Phone: +44 (0)24 7632 3224