Young company using big data to help clients achieve net-zero

Pictured: Dirk Schaefer, Jovin Joy, and Victoria Lynch


A young company which has recently moved into new Coventry offices is aiming to use the power of big data to help firms achieve net-zero.

Fedwill, which has moved to the Business Innovation Centre in Binley – part of the University of Warwick Science Park – designs bespoke systems to analyse data captured by multiple devices within a client’s premises and uncover trends that they may have missed.

This can allow its clients to better insulate their buildings, allocate resources, and much more, in order to help reduce energy emissions and save money.

Fedwill, founded by 37-year-old programmer Jovin Joy, has become part of the Science Park’s Ignite incubation programme, which offers young businesses low-cost, flexible office space as well as access to specialist support to act as a catalyst for innovation and growth.

Jovin said: “Many companies are now very concerned about how they can make their premises more energy efficient, but do not have the time or money to work out the best way of doing so.

“We can sit down with a company, assess what their goals are in terms of saving money, and recommend what they should be measuring.

“For example, a large warehouse building might have a weak spot in its insulation, meaning it drops temperature faster than its owners may have realised.

“We then write a bespoke data analysis program to look at all of that data, and present simple conclusions, such as eye-catching graphs.

“We can also advise businesses on the best ways to achieve their goals using the output our program has generated for them.

“Once a new strategy is implemented, the program can still analyse the data coming in to see if the new measures are working as intended.

“This kind of data analysis is so important for businesses looking to make the most efficient changes – otherwise they are essentially blind to what is the most effective strategy. We make that process easy for them.”

Fedwill, which currently employs two people, is looking to grow from the Business Innovation Centre as it aims to reach more customers with its data analysis services, as well as its identity provider management systems and website design support.

Jovin moved in after signing up to the Ignite programme in late 2023. He was looking for a good place to base Fedwill from and came across the Business Innovation Centre.

Centre manager Victoria Lynch recommended the Ignite programme to Jovin and introduced him to its manager, Dirk Schaefer.

Dirk said: “The Ignite programme is perfect for a business like Fedwill, as it provides a very attractive rate which allows the business time to grow.

“We are also continuing to provide business advice to Fedwill so they can best achieve their ambitions, and we are looking forward to seeing how far they can go.”

Victoria said: “Achieving net-zero is something so many businesses are having to contend with, so it’s brilliant that Fedwill is making the process that much easier for its clients.

“Jovin and the team are a fantastic addition to the Business Innovation Centre and we will continue to support them throughout their journey here.”

Jovin is now looking forward to what the future holds for his business after settling into his new premises.

“I’m really pleased with the office – there’s plenty of parking and the location is brilliant,” he added.

“Assuming we can reach new clients in that time, it would be great to bring in more staff and contractors and potentially grow even further.”