Two Creative Futures start-ups unite to deliver on major mental health project!

Saldo work in mental health, with a goal to deliver well-being programmes using live-streaming technology to suit the new hybrid way of working. Their workshops initially have been targeted at the gaming and tech industries, delivering a range of projects with video game developer, Coatsink. The primary project was to deliver a series of mental well-being sessions to their members of staff, the aim to help businesses through using evidence-based workshops to improve the overall mental health and wellbeing in the workplace.

Rory, started Saldo to serve as many organisations as possible, and provide them with the infrastructure to improve the overall well-being of staff in their workplaces. Mental health is something which has always been prevalent and the impact of the pandemic on individuals, families, and those in and out of work has heightened the need for mental health support and awareness.

Rory joined the Creative Futures Incubator in February 2021 and says it’s been a brilliant way to move the company’s goals forward, and equip Saldo to handle difficult situations:

“If it wasn’t for Creative Futures, our entire project with Coatsink would have collapsed. One of our collaborators pulled out of the project, which left us in a difficult position. We didn’t want to cancel, as the project was essential to us getting off the ground. We only had 10 days to secure another company, and we had major concerns we wouldn’t be able to carry on the project with Coatsink.”

Rory reached out to Clare Green (Creative Futures Manager) regarding the obstacle they faced. Clare immediately provided a list of companies they could connect with, leveraging the Creative Futures network and database of contacts.

Saldo sprung into action and chose BlueBell Films to help them develop the project. BlueBell Films are an award-winning production company, offering a range of services covering films, animation, documentaries, corporate videos, and social impact campaigns. With so many digital platforms available and a barrage of visual marketing to compete with, Bhulla and Fran from BlueBell Films have knowledge and experience of what works, and how to help businesses achieve their objectives.

Rory was overwhelmed by the collaboration with BlueBell Films expressing:

“To fulfil our project, we looked at the companies Clare provided us with, and immediately BlueBell Films stood out. Our project required training sessions, and BlueBell Films were readily available to do most of them. Additionally, they were part of the Creative Futures Incubator as well, so we were able use the Creative Futures 1 Mill St offices in Leamington Spa, which is convenient and makes the video visually striking. BlueBell Films were extremely proactive, suggesting design ideas and notable changes which felt very professional.”

Saldo also went on to recieve positive feedback from Coatsink.

“Rory and the team at Saldo have created a thought-provoking series of sessions which educate, engage, and entertain. The production value is excellent, the content is quality, and the discussions it opens up are invaluable.” Ray Willmott Senior Social Media & Community Manager, Coatsink Software Ltd.

Consequently Rory went back to BlueBell Films to continue using their high-level expertise to present further events. Rory also suggested, he is confident he will utilise Creative Futures and Mill Street connections for future projects. Rory said:

“Creative Futures has given Saldo the platform to have informal conversations with other cohort members. The partnership with BlueBell Films enabled Saldo to achieve a high level of online mental health and well-being training, in an ever-changing and sometimes complex hybrid world. There are so many more opportunities on the horizon, and I am looking forward to working with both again.”