Coventry fire protection manufacturer looking to grow UK presence in post-Grenfell market

Pictured (left to right): Victoria Lynch, Martin Grove, and Peter Grove at the Business Innovation Centre


A Coventry-based aluminium systems manufacturer, specialising in fire protection for the construction industry, is looking to grow its presence in the UK in a post-Grenfell market and help the country achieve its net-zero goals.

Aluflam, which was founded in Denmark in 1946, was recently licenced to trade in the UK market, and its products are already being used in high-rises and commercial premises all over the country.

Based at the Business Innovation Centre in Binley – part of the University of Warwick Science Park – Aluflam’s main product is a flame-retardant substance inserted between aluminium extrusions used in the internal structure of buildings, or in facades.

When a fire causes the temperature to rise, the substance undergoes a chemical reaction and secretes water, cooling the adjacent aluminium extrusions down and enabling them to maintain the building’s structural integrity.

And after the UK tightened up its building regulations after the Grenfell Tower disaster in 2017, Aluflam was in a prime position to provide the safe products needed to deliver construction projects to new standards.

Martin Grove, Operations Director UK at Aluflam, said: “After Grenfell, many architect specifiers are now liable for any mistakes around fire safety in the construction of a building, which means they are incredibly careful about the suppliers they choose.

“Aluflam’s history of successfully using our fire solutions in a huge variety of projects in Europe, the USA and Australia meant we had a head-start in the UK market, and can demonstrate compliance with the tightened regulations around safety much more easily.

“After basing ourselves at the Business Innovation Centre, we set about growing our client base and showing contactors and architects the unique abilities of our products.

“We are involved with many different projects in the commercial and residential markets in the UK already, and we are confident of growing our company even further.

“Post-Grenfell, it is vital that our buildings are made as safe as they can be, and we are proud to be playing a leading role.”

Aluflam’s aluminium is also sourced sustainably. 75 per cent of the aluminium it uses is recycled, and its main factory in Lithuania is run primarily on solar power.

This gives contractors even more reasons to choose Aluflam’s products with the drive towards the country achieving net-zero by 2050.

Peter Grove, Executive Director at Aluflam, feels the company is in the right place at the right time.

He added: “Being based at the Business Innovation Centre has been a key factor in our success. Many of our clients are based in Manchester, Birmingham and London, so we’re in a superb location for all of them.

“And the support we get from the team here is second-to-none. Everything is taken care of for us, meaning we can focus on growing the business.

“Our first goal is to get Aluflam officially registered as a company in the UK, before hiring new staff and making a concerted effort to expand.

“We are confident that when the construction industry picks up after the challenges of the current climate, we will be in a strong position to grow rapidly in the UK.”

Victoria Lynch, Centre Manager at the Business Innovation Centre, added: “Aluflam are playing a crucial part in making our buildings safer and better.

“We are really pleased to see how quickly Martin and Peter have grown Aluflam’s presence in the UK while being based at the Innovation Centre, and look forward to supporting them further as they continue that upward trajectory.”