Accountancy firm’s move to Science Park ‘best business decision ever made’

Pictured: Victoria Lynch and James Fox

The founder of an accountancy firm has said a move to offices which are part of a leading Midlands science park is one of the best business decisions he has ever made.

James Fox, founder of JDF Accountancy Services, moved his firm to the Business Innovation Centre, Binley – part of the University of Warwick Science Park – after running the company from his garage.

The firm aims to not only provide typical accountancy services for its clients, but to then use the numbers to deliver further business advice depending on its clients’ needs.

And after growing its client base all over the country by more than 80 per cent since its move, JDF Accountancy Services is looking to grow its team and expand its space.

James, who has an FCCA qualification, said: “I wanted to create a company that did things in a different way.

“The idea of JDF Accountancy Services is to provide more than just accountancy to our clients. We really want to understand our clients holistically and use their financial data to deliver more tailored business advice, rather than just being someone you speak to twice a year.

“For example, one client of ours was thinking about taking on a new member of staff and asked us if it was financially viable. From their data we were able to identify that they could afford the new hire for three months, which gave them enough of a lead time to generate more turnover to support them going forward.

“This approach led us to grow our client base through word of mouth and referrals, and we have won work both locally and as far away as Scotland and Northern Ireland.”

JDF Accountancy Services moved to the Business Innovation Centre in July last year after James felt the time was right for the business to have its own offices.

He came across the Business Innovation Centre while riding his bike, and decided to pop in to enquire about space.

Centre Manager Victoria Lynch talked him through possible options and introduced him to the Ignite incubation programme, which offers young businesses low-cost, flexible office space as well as access to specialist support to act as a catalyst for innovation and growth.

James was further convinced after meeting Ignite Manager Dirk Schaefer, and decided to base JDF Accountancy Services at the Business Innovation Centre.

Dirk said: “The Ignite incubation programme is perfect for a business like JDF Accountancy Services which is at an early stage of growth.

“The programme offers so much flexibility and means that James can grow his company within the Business Innovation Centre without having to look for new premises and can tap support for his business when they need it.

“We’re really pleased JDF Accountancy Services has taken advantage of this and is confident of even further growth into the future.”

And James has felt very positive about his firm’s future since the move.

“Moving to the Business Innovation Centre was one of the best business decisions I ever made,” he added.

“While growth was strong before the move, I was always having to visit clients rather than them coming to me as I was still working out of my garage.

“It looked like a great space when I first visited, and when I was introduced to the Ignite programme, it made financial sense too, so the move was a no-brainer.

“Our incubation office is perfect for our team of three, and if we grow like expected, I’d love to expand the team to five and potentially take on more space within the Business Innovation Centre.

“It’s been amazing to have such an inviting place to bring clients, and the team have been so welcoming and supportive.”