WCC Invests £300m in Covid Recovery Plan

Warwickshire County Council has plans to create a £140m fund to stimulate the county’s economy, create jobs, support local businesses and bring investment into the county with a further £160m investment in new housing, regeneration and creation of business premises.

The overall £300 million investment is a fundamental part of the Council’s Covid-19 Recovery Plan, and is expected to create over 3,000 jobs and safeguard many thousands more. It will drive recovery and regeneration while at the same time supporting the Council’s medium-term financial resilience.

The Warwickshire Recovery Investment Fund (WRIF) aims to allocate £140m over the next five years, offering loans and other financial investments to existing and new Warwickshire businesses to help their long-term recovery and growth, create and safeguard jobs, and attract new inward investment into the county, further stimulating the local economy.

Business leaders have heralded Warwickshire County Council’s plans to aid economic recovery with an investment of £300m as a highly significant measure for the county’s economy.

WCC through its Council Plan and Covid Recovery Plan is focused to generating real action on climate change and the current administration has made environmental considerations an integral part of its decision-making process and allocated £4 million to this end.

WCC is also reducing demand for energy for example by investing in LED street lights reducing our energy costs and has recently launched at £1 million green shoots Community Climate Action grant scheme which will fund local community projects aimed at mitigating the impact of climate change.

In addition WCC has launched its Solar Together initiative which will help owners across the County to easily buy solar panels to produce green energy for their homes.