Warwick intelligent software firm named as one of fastest growing tech start-ups after global breakthroughs

An intelligent software developer which is creating products to help electric vehicle batteries last much longer has been named as one of the fastest growing tech start-ups in the UK after recent breakthroughs in Germany and Asia.

Eatron Technologies, based at the University of Warwick Science Park’s Warwick Innovation Centre, has developed a battery management system (BMS) which intelligently predicts battery usage and aging profiles to improve software parameters to help the battery last longer.

Eatron’s BMS is being tested on the battery packs of major manufacturers in Germany, Japan, and East Asia.

In addition, Eatron’s creation of a machine learning programme – part of its intelligent BMS – to estimate the end of a battery’s life has been successfully patented in the USA.

This success has also seen Eatron accepted onto ‘Upscale 8.0’ – a programme run by tech growth organisation Tech Nation – which is connecting some of the fastest growing tech start-ups in the country to valuable investors and resources to accelerate their growth even further.

Dr Umut Genc, managing director of Eatron Technologies, said: “The battery is the most expensive part of an electric vehicle, and in typical consumer products such as laptops and phones, they only last around four to five years before problems develop.

“Depending on how an electric vehicle is driven and charged, the battery pack can vary in lifespan quite significantly.

“Our BMS via edge & cloud computing intelligently detects and models how the drivers use and charge their EVs, and its algorithm automatically adapts to maintain high performance and lifetime of the batteries.

“In addition, our machine learning programme is incredibly useful for EV fleet operators who can see at a glance which vehicles’ batteries will last longer than others and can diagnose problems early so they can be fixed more cheaply.

“Now the EV market is firmly established, typical manufacturers are prioritising safety and efficiency above all else. It’s great that major names in Germany and Asia are seeing the benefits our products can bring to their vehicles.

“And to be accepted onto Tech Nation’s Upscale 8.0 programme thanks to our growth in these markets is a real bonus for us. We hope it will lead to even further growth in the near future.”

Dr Genc also cited Eatron’s base at the Warwick Innovation Centre as playing a part in its success.

He added: “We are so close to many key players in the UK EV industry at the Innovation Centre, and we’re also right by Birmingham Airport too, which makes it easy for customers to meet us or for us to travel if needed.

“It’s really given us an advantage as we’ve looked to grow our presence in the market.”

Jane Talbot, Centre Manager at Warwick Innovation Centre, said: “Eatron’s growth in such a short space of time has been nothing short of remarkable.

“We are so happy to hear the team has been accepted onto the Upscale 8.0 programme, and look forward to supporting its continued growth here at the Innovation Centre.

“The Science Park offers more than just office space, it offers great links to the university and a whole host of the other services to support companies to expand, as well as being a hive for like-minded, high-tech businesses.”