University of Warwick signs twinning agreement with Ukrainian university


On 21 September 2022, the University of Warwick signed an agreement (Memorandum of Understanding) with Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics (NURE), Ukraine, as part of an international twinning program that is supporting Ukrainian universities during the war.

The #twinforhope initiative is coordinated by Cormack Consultancy Group and the President’s Fund of Ukraine for Education, Science, and Sports with the support of Universities UK International.

At the online ceremony, Professor Stuart Croft, Vice-Chancellor Warwick, and Professor Igor Ruban, Acting Rector NURE, laid the foundation for cooperating in science, education and technology, which will have an immediate focus on limiting the disruption created by the invasion.

The first act of this programme has already seen NURE students offered places on several of Warwick’s summer programmes.

NURE, a modern scientific and educational hub with 7000 students and 30 scientific centres, is best known for its expertise in electrical engineering, electronics, telecommunications, ICT computer technologies and innovation for sustainability.

However, it is also recognised for its close cooperations with business and industry and for having pioneered the development of distance education in Ukraine.

Twinning with NURE is part our broader University of Warwick response to this conflict which has included:

  • Funding of several visiting positions at Warwick for academics and other university colleagues who are at risk as a result of the war in Ukraine managed by IAS
  • 15 scholarships for Ukrainian Leadership Academy students attending Warwick summer school
  • Several Sanctuary scholarships for undergraduate and postgraduate Ukrainian students

Professor Stuart Croft Vice Chancellor of the University of Warwick, said: “The illegal and immoral invasion of Ukraine by the Russian State has been devastating for all its people. Universities, by their very nature, are international and when all that is important is put at risk, we must act.

“We continue to Stand with Ukraine, and by formally signing this strategic twinning agreement with NURE we are committed to playing an active role in ensuring that Ukrainian universities will continue to thrive during and after the war.”


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