Articles of Interest

UWSP is part of a large ecosystem of local, national and international bodies who prepare and commission research on the subject of innovation, entrepreneurship and enterprise development. These include governmental and educational institutions publishing academic and practice based studies. UWSP provides a repository of documents and link to external documents and other information for the benefit of our partners and tenants.

Start your own business online course by HMRC.

Practical course for individuals that would like to start a business but don’t know where to start.

NESTA: Annual Innovation Report

NESTA: Report on the Wider Framework for Successful Innovation

British Venture Capital Association: 2010 Global Trends in Venture Capital

Universities and Science Park based Technology Incubators – David Rowe, 2005

Success Factors for Science Parks in the Developed World and Emerging Economies – Dave Rowe, 2008

ICT Incubators on Science Parks: A Time for Creativity – David Rowe, 2008

Investment Readiness – The new tool for bringing equity markets and high growth SMEs together at an early stage – David Rowe, 2005

Crossing the Valley of Death – Ederyn Williams, 2004

What You Are Saying That You Didn’t Say: A Guide to the Business Messages that you don’t Know you are Sending – Bill Taylor, 2010