Minerva’s Final Event in it series, Angel Investing, Surgery & Round Up

9:30am - 10:30am
7th October 2020
Online Event

In support of Minerva Birmingham PitchUp and to encourage greater engagement between our local successful business people with our local entrepreneurs we a running familiarisation program for those interested in finding out more about investing in our high growth start-ups and scale ups .

This is the last webinar in a series of 8 covering the important aspect of investing in startups and scale ups.

Through the series we have given you the chance to chat to experts , experienced investors and academics on being an angel investor.

We aim to break the myth on type, age profile, investment levels and what is actually an angel investor.

The angel investors speaking during these events will continually change to provide you with the maximum possible exposure to different views.

Introduction to Business Angel Investing For the Potential Angel Investor


The first section 30 mins and a presentation on:-

  1. An overview of the reasons for angel investment
  2. The typical challenges of investing
  3. Exit strategies and why for angels
  4. Key issues raised from the other Into Angel Investing events
  5. A company’s perspective having received angel investment – 10 mins

Second section 30 mins

3 angels will introduce themselves and be open to questions from the floor together with a company who have been through the process

All events are record and are available on request

Find out more and register: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/minervas-final-event-in-it-series-angel-investing-surgery-round-up-tickets-106226197416