Minerva’s 7th Event , Angel Investment strategies for angels

9:30am - 10:30am
1st October 2020
Online Event

In support of Minerva Birmingham PitchUp and to encourage greater engagement between our local successful business people with our local entrepreneurs we a running familiarisation program for those interested in finding out more about investing in our high growth start-ups and scale ups . This is the seventh webinar in a series of 8 covering the important aspect of investing in startups and scale ups

Through the series you will have had chance to chat to experts , experienced investors and academics on being an angel investor.

We aim to break the myth on type, age profile, investment levels and what is actually an angel investor.

Introduction to Business Angel Investing For the Potential Angel Investor


In this session we want to share with you a range of experiences and perceptions from a female investor, a new angel and a long standing investor. Each have their own perspective to share plus a company’s view of being the recipient of angel investing.

1. 3 angles will spend 10 min each explaining their investment strategies and subsequent leanings

2. Minerva will describe what being part of an angel network provides & joining the PitchUp movement involves

4. Q&A

Each angel will be asked to outline:-

a) Why they do it

b) What they get out of it

c). Their individual investment strategies

The event will be recorded and can be made available on request

Find out more and register: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/minervas-7th-event-angel-investment-strategies-for-angels-tickets-106228079044