Mayoral STEAMhouse Challenge: Clean Air, Green Future

9:00am - 5:00pm
20th June - 21th June 2019
Conference Centre Curzon Building, Birmingham, B4 7BD

This is a STEAMhouse initiative in partnership with West Midlands Combined Authority and a Climate Change Solutions Ltd collaboration.

“We are facing a local and global emergency from generating toxic pollution of our cities, towns and communities while adding to climate change, both caused by burning fossil fuels i.e. coal, gas and oil. This calls for a clean air revolution” Mayor Andy Street.

The urgent challenge is to address its impact while prioritising understanding for implementing common solutions i.e. clean energy with innovative clean, green smart technologies and transport.

Complementing this is the imperative for energy, water and other material resource efficiency that can reduce 25% consumption, saving money and creating new local business and jobs, including addressing fuel poverty.

This conference and STEAMlab seeks to bring together a range of key public, private and third sector stakeholders with knowledge and commitment to collaborate for accelerating wider public understanding and engagement in delivering solutions, benefiting  health and sustainability for all our region.

The West Midlands Mayor’s Clean-Green Future Challenge will address the increasing amount of issues related to local atmospheric and global greenhouse pollution providing workshop opportunity to share and define  ground-breaking initiatives.

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