Green Fleet Coventry: Road-2-Zero Roadshow: Coventry

9:00am - 5:00pm
31st May 2019
Coventry Transport Museum, Hales Street, Coventry, CV1 1JD


The UK Government has confirmed its ambition to see at least half of new cars to be ultra-low emission by 2030, with the release of their Road to Zero Strategy. Coventry is the 3rd UK city in 2019 to benefit from hearing how this strategy can benefit the region.

May 31st sees GREENFLEET arrive in Coventry. Hosted by Coventry City Council, GREENFLEET Coventry is being held at the Transport Museum and is FREE to attend for fleet professionals looking to explore the very latest in ultra-low emission vehicle technology. Supported by the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV), Crown Commercial Service (CCS) and Society of Motor Manufacturers & Traders (SMMT), this will be the most important clean fleet event the region has seen.

Many British cities once specialised into one manufacturing industry, and Coventry was no exception. It was the centrepiece of the British car industry, taking the skills it already had and applying them to car manufacturing, and becoming affectionately known as the ‘British Detroit’. Despite a traumatic modern history of industrial decline and factory closures, renewed interest and investment from automobile companies and collaboration with universities are helping Coventry and its automobile industry rise again.

The advancement of clean vehicle technology has helped inject some new vigour in to the city, with many new and innovative cleantech companies now leading the way in production of electric vehicle and battery technology.

As a result, Coventry City Council are now embarking on a massive drive to install public EV charging infrastructure, designed to encourage the uptake of ULEVs across the city. New incentives and schemes are coming, and the advancement of battery technology, improved range on the vehicles and the introduction of fully electric commercial vehicles are all helping make ULEVs a viable solution for any business. GREENFLEET Coventry is designed to help YOU make the right choices… So, make sure you JOIN US!

Transport and its impact on air quality…

As part of the Government’s strategy to improve air quality across the UK, discouraging the use of older, more polluting, vehicles is key. The goal is to reduce the number of areas in the UK where air pollution breaches legal limits, and city by city, we are helping local, regional and transport authorities kick-start their ‘Clean Air Strategies’.

Whilst air quality has undoubtedly improved in recent decades, with changing industrial practices and a decline in the use of fossil fuel both domestically and industrially, we still exceed the National Objective for NO2 levels at a number of locations within Coventry.

Air pollution adversely affects the health of people at all stages of life, from childhood, through to older age. Emissions from various forms of transport are a significant contributor to poor air quality within areas of Coventry, and a city-wide Air Quality Management Area is in place. GREENFLEET Coventry will highlight some of the plans that are being put in place to reduce vehicle emissions to meet the City Council’s commitment to improving air quality throughout the city.

An Action Plan has been approved by the Council’s Cabinet and it will be submitted to Government and it contains a package of measures including:

► Promoting the use of electric vehicles, including taxis, buses and private cars;

► Real time monitoring of air quality and traffic flows linked to improved technology supporting dynamic traffic management, making it easier to move traffic around the city and away from areas experiencing poor air quality;

► Initiatives to promote changes in travel behaviour and reduce car use within the city;

The Council has identified a package of measures that will improve air quality in the city without the need to have a chargeable Clean Air Zone (CAZ). So, to make sure that we all help keep the CAZ at bay, let’s get together, share knowledge and ideas and help Coventry move forward in its pursuit of a cleaner future. Ultra-Low Emission Vehicles (ULEVs) have a significant role to play in Coventry cleaning up its air. The Council has a strategy, and GREENFLEET Coventry will feature keynote presentations and group sessions that will enable YOU to find out more, and more importantly, the role that YOUR BUSINESS has to play.

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