Coaching for Performances – Individuals and Teams Webinar

9:15am - 12:30pm
20th May 2020

This webinar is an introduction to the theory and practise of Coaching as an essential management and leadership skill. We introduce a simple but effective Coaching model, and consider the key personal skills needed to put Coaching into action at work.

Topics include:
• Developmental Coaching to motivate and empower
• The importance of questioning and listening skills
• A Coaching model to develop work performance

This is a big topic, and a half day webinar can only act as an introduction to the power of these techniques, an overview of associated models and some opportunities to practice. This will enable individuals to understand the potential of this management style and to start their journey of becoming a Coach.

What: Coaching for Performance – Individuals and Teams

When: Wednesday 20th May, 9:15am to 12:30pm

Value to the business

The webinar will explore the challenges participants face, where the introduction of a Coaching style will benefit their effectiveness.

Participants will leave with an understanding of where to go next in continuing to develop skill and experience in this invaluable skill.


Please sign up using the link below, and feel free to pass this onto internal colleagues and external contacts.

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These workshops are delivered as part of the Business Ready programme to support tech based and knowledge intensive small businesses, with high growth potential based in the Coventry & Warwickshire LEP area.

This project is part funded by the European Regional Development Fund, forming part of the CW Business: Start, Grow and Scale Programme.