Business Ready workshop programme – Autumn 2017

By popular demand, following a successful first series of workshops earlier this year, the Business Ready team of University of Warwick Science Park are running another series of workshops. They will run between September and November 2017 covering a breadth of useful business topics such as “Using Partnerships & Channels to Grow Sales”, or “How to Create the Perfect Crowdfunding Application”.

Owners of successful growing technology and knowledge based businesses recognise that in order to grow their business, they need to:

• develop their own wider business skills
• fill skills gaps through the training or recruitment of staff
• understand the wider business environment and markets to assess risks to the business
• recognise the impact of wider market and regulatory change
• ensure that new products are successfully launched and sold
• raise and manage funds to support business growth
• retain and effectively manage talent in the business

The Business Ready workshop programme of University of Warwick Science Park  is designed to meet their skills needs, along with giving you the opportunity to network with other high growth businesses in the area.

If you wish to further develop the skills and expertise within your business, then please take advantage of this high quality workshop programme designed to support the growth ambitions of your business.