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Warwick Science Park

  • SilverCloud

  • Enactus

    Enactus UK is a UK Charity-governed Social Enterprise that builds communities of students, academics and business leaders committed to using the power of entrepreneurial action to transform lives and shape a better more sustainable world.

  • Segula Technologies Ltd

    “SEGULA Technologies is an international engineering consultancy group specialised in cutting-edge innovation. The company offers its customers technical expertise, and the excellence of its employees specific to each business sector: automotive and industrial vehicles, aerospace and defence, rail, energy, naval, industries.”

  • Medherant Limited

    "Transdermal drug delivery systems"

  • Sprue Safety Products Ltd

    Sprue Safety Products design, manufacture and distribute a comprehensive range of need-driven innovative home safety products. Wi-Safe range of wireless smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms.

  • LG Electronics

    VC Company is developing a wide variety of highly competitive products. Our products include Infotainment System(such as AVN), Telematics devices, advanced driver assistant system(ADAS) called ‘intelligent safe’, and other convenient devices.

  • FTI Communications Systems Ltd

    FTI is primarily a designer and manufacturer of fibre-optic communication equipment for data, voice and video to the datacommunication and telecommunication markets in the UK and overseas.

  • Sarissa Biomedical

    Sarissa Biomedical Ltd is helping transform emergency clinical care by creating a new generation of portable point of care diagnostics reducing time to diagnosis to a few minutes. Sarissa’s biosensors delivers a 1,000-fold improvement in sensitivity and selectivity enabling Point of Care in-vitro diagnostic solutions not previously possible...

  • Aptex Ltd

    UK based Aptex specialise providing tailored optical microscopy solutions for image analysis and hardness testing. In addition Aptex supplies a wide range of metallurgical consumables.

  • Batt Laboratories Ltd

    Batt Laboratories Ltd provides a novel portfolio of clinical pathology,gastroenterology and genetic tests as a diagnostic service for veterinary surgeons.

  • Cafcass

    Cafcass looks after the interests of children involved in family proceedings. Cafcass work with children and their families, and then advise the courts on what they consider to be in the best interests of individual children.

  • Robert Bosch Ltd

    In the UK, Bosch is a leading global supplier of technology and services and has been present since 1898, when Robert Bosch opened the company’s first office outside Germany. Every one of the Bosch Group’s business sectors has a presence in the UK: Automotive Technology, Industrial Technology, Consumer Goods, and Energy and Building Techno...

  • Dassault Systemes UK Ltd

    Dassault Systemes develops and markets PLM application software and services that support industrial processes and provide a 3D vision of the entire lifecycle of products from conception to maintenance.

  • Church Pastoral Aid Society (CPAS)

    CPAS provides leadership development training, support and enabling to churches, primarily Anglican, in the UK and Republic of Ireland.

  • Capp & Co Ltd

    Capp & Co Ltd is an independent, not-for-profit, membership organisation. Capp was established to enable people to be at their best in the areas of work, education, and health.

  • Centre for Factories of the Future (C4FF)

    C4FF has evolved into a centre of world class enterprise, developing business intelligence systems such as IntelliFOR, and logistical systems such as REFER. This progression has helped C4FF to take a leading role in cooperative development for the business sector, and has created new manufacturing centres, universities, and enterprises.

  • Embed Ltd

    "Are you looking for help to deliver an automotive controller? Whether you need help developing the electronics, the software or the system we are your solution. Your project will be delivered using the latest model based development processes. This ensures you get the best quality and your systems will be delivered faster."

  • EnginSoft UK Ltd

    EnginSoft is a premier consulting firm in the field of Simulation Based Engineering Science (SBES) with a global presence. It was founded in 1984, but its founder and initial employees had been working in SBES since the mid ‘70s. Throughout its long history it has been at the forefront of technological innovation and remains a catalyst for c...

  • Python Digital

    Python Digital is a digital marketing agency that\'s adept in redefining digital boundaries and creating bespoke marketing strategies that fulfill their promise. Our services aim to entice engagement and raise awareness amongst your target audience, creating more leads and opportunities for your business.

  • Micropathology Ltd

    Micropathology Ltd. is a company specialising in biomedical research and the diagnosis of human, veterinary and plant infections, with an emphasis on the development of DNA-based techniques and immune assays.

  • Cell Therapy

    Cell Therapy Sciences is a regenerative medicine company providing cutting edge stem cell therapies to the veterinary market.

  • Hitex UK Ltd

    Hitex are a specialist in microprocessor development systems based on IBM-PCs or compatible, including emulators and support software and consultancy.

  • HMS Industrial Networks AB

    HMS manufactures and markets network interfaces (modules and gateways) which connect industrial devices to different industrial networks. HMS products act as translators between robots, control systems, motors, sensors, etc.

  • AVL Powertrain UK lTD

    AVL Powertrain is an innovative tier-one provider of transmission design and prototype solutions to the world's foremost automotive companies.

  • Rochford Medical

    Rochford Medical Ltd is a Company involved in Assisted Reproduction Technologies (A.R.T.), supplying IVF Laboratories and Fertility Clinics with Culture Media, Catheters, Micromanipulation tools, Cryopreservatives, Andrology Products and Laboratory consumables.

  • Schneider Electric Ltd

    UK automation centre of Schneider Electric ; involved with application engineering, software development and marketing for programmable controllers and other automation system components.

  • Spectron Gas Control Systems Ltd

    Spectron Gas Control Systems Limited is a leading manufacturer and supplier of gas handling safety equipment. Used with all types and grades of gases; ranging from Industrial gases all the way up to Ultra-high Purity and Laboratory gases.

  • Probe Scientific

    Probe Scientific has developed a range of Medical device and Diagnostic products, primarily to make Blood sampling automated and continuous. Our first product MicroEye is already in use in research and is targeted at continuous sampling of Glucose in the Intensive Care units of hospitals.

  • Rapide Communication Ltd

    Rapide the software company enables organisations to communicate faster with groups of staff and customers using a range of solutions including Voice, Text and MMS messages.

  • HouseMark Ltd

    HouseMark is the leading performance improvement service for the social housing sector. It offers benchmarking tools and analysis, leading edge good practice advice and information, the latest news on what\'s happening in housing, and a range of consultancy services.

  • AdvanceTrack Outsourcing

    Professional Outsourcing of Accounts, Tax Returns, Bookkeeping, Payroll and iXBRL Tagging Services. Run by ICAEW Chartered Accountants.

  • Power X

    Power X is a technology company developing smart systems to integrate distributed energy resources into the grid using IOT communication. It also develops customised Battery Energy Storage Systems for a diverse range of applications.

  • TMS Consultancy

    TMS Consultancy are a traffic management and road safety consultancy. They specialise in identification and analysis of traffic and accident problems on the road network and the design of solutions to these problems.

  • The Training Foundation

    The Training Foundation provides training and certification programmes aimed at improving the classroom skills of e-learning professionals. Along with professional development, the Foundation provides a range of support services for corporate training managers; including benchmarking, e-learning consultancy and outsourcing management.

  • Cyber Fortress

    Cyber Security Solutions - Recruitment , Consultancy , Certified Training . Specialist in GDPR & Data Protection

  • WarwickNet Ltd

    WarwickNet specialise in delivering high quality internet access and data connectivity services to Business & Science Parks across the UK. From simple super-fast broadband and leased lines to national broadcast quality MPLS networks, WarwickNet has the solution for your business.

  • Itelligence

    Itelligence is a Global Pinnacle Award Winning SAP Platinum Partner. As a full-service provider of SAP solutions, we offer our customers a broad range of consulting and support services from cloud and on-premise implementations to Support, Maintenance, Manged Services and SAP Certified training.

  • Jobs.AC.UK was created in January 1998 by Warwick University Advertising Group to provide a cost effective online recruitment service for Universities, FE Colleges, Schools, Research and Commercial Organisations.

  • Cipher Surgical Limited

    Cipher Surgical Ltd is a medical device company established to design, patent and globally market a unique laparoscope accessory designed to maintain a clear distal window of the laparoscope during operative procedures. The development of OpClear has been accomplished with the participation of leading surgeons and operating theatre staff.

  • OneVision Software (UK) Limited

    OneVision® is one of the world's leading manufacturers of software solutions for the printing, publishing and media industries.

  • Organics

    Organics design, manufacture and install landfill gas and leachate control and treatment equipment.

  • Warwick Analytical Services

    Warwick Analytical Service is the analytical division of Exeter Analytical(UK) Ltd. We are an independent company which provides a personal service to all our clients. All our customers are important to us from major pharmaceutical companies to those requiring a single analysis.

  • Oxford Vision & Sensor Technology

    Oxford Vision & Sensor Technology (OVST) is an industry leader in the design and supply of machine vision systems. We develop, install and commission machine vision solutions for a wide range of industrial applications.

  • Perses Communications Limited

    Perses Communications is an international organization created to help high-tech companies of all sizes to enter new markets rapidly and profitably, without the costs, risks and delays associated with opening foreign offices and hiring local employees.

  • NGS Cleanroom Solutions Ltd

    NGS Cleanroom Solutions are specialists in the supply of turn-key cleanroom solutions and controlled environments including design, construction and internal equipment integration together with advanced bespoke fabrications.

  • Natural Wastewater Solutions

    NWS are a leading U.K. wastewater treatment provider. NWS delivers the most appropriate wastewater solution no matter how big or small the project. We will efficiently deliver projects from concept design through construction to handover, on time and on budget.

  • LeanNova Engineering UK Limited

    LeanNova Engineering is an Automotive engineering Service Company with Head Office in Trollhättan, Sweden. With Subsidiaries in China (Shanghai) and The UK (Warwick University Science Park) we offer our customers excellence in development and integration of systems and attributes for complete vehicles

  • Rightangled Ltd

    RightAngled Limited is a biotech company that is focused on DNA testing in general and on cardiovascular diagnostics in particular. At Rightangled Diagnostics we look to revolutionise the way home self-testing kits are used, making it easier and quicker to get the results you need at the comfort of your home.

  • CNUK TV Limited

    CNUK TV is the leading provider of innovative digital media solutions for business, specialising in education markets.