The University of Warwick Science Park’s Business Support Service provides an end-to-end service for innovation led businesses ranging from start-up support to on-going strategic consultancy for established firms. Services include incubation facilities via Ignite, access to finance including the Minerva business angel network and professional route to market development from Techmark. Based out of the Venture Centre, the services offered are available across UWSP’s sites. Operating as genuine honest brokers, the support team are able to offer general advice and support to tenants on an ad hoc basis as well as putting together bespoke programmes for internal and external clients.


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UWSP's incubation and business acceleration programmes draw on all of the assets within the Park and our business development team. They provide support to both start-ups and established firms. The team are able to offer bespoke solutions to businesses in the West Midlands area ranging from simple signposting to detailed business planning, management support and office space.

Incubation is primarily offered through the IGNITE programme which is available to knowledge based businesses on application.


Access to

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UWSP offers a range of services to businesses in need of external finance and investors seeking new opportunities. The Access to Finance team not only have experience of running a range of equity and grant funds but also manage the Minerva business angel network, which provided turn-key money for ten deals valued at £5.7m in 2010/11. However, UWSP offers a range of services for companies seeking further information about the process and costs of raising money and post-investment support, including non-executive services.


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UWSPs technical marketing service, Techmark, has more than 15 years experience in bringing hundreds of new products to market and providing strategies to open new markets and refresh existing market propositions. It is more than just a marketing firm. With extensive technical knowledge and a focus on internationalisation, the team are able to use market appraisal and product review techniques to inform viable route to market development to achieve demonstrable results. Techmark are able to help start-ups define their market alongside product development and, equally, supplement established businesses internal teams on focused projects or on a longer term programme basis.


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Business Ready is an innovative business readiness support package primarily for start-ups and SMEs with the characteristics and ambition for growth. It assists those with potential and those failing to reach their potential to overcome barriers and achieve scalability. It supports tech based businesses and businesses that are innovation led and/or knowledge based and based in Coventry or Warwickshire.